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The Cape Cod Daily Deal
Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016 5:42 PM ESTLocal Cape News | Cape Cod Weather | Cape Traffic Reports | Cape Cod Webcams

The Photo Shoot blog: Faces »

?We see the world clearly as children and spend the rest of our lives trying to remember what is was we saw.? Garrison Keillor Few photo assignments can match the range of emotions found on the annual first day of school coverage. I was reminded of Keillor?s quote as I followed school  principal Jane Norton [...]
Wareham Man Faces Several Drug Distribution Charges »

WAREHAM ? A traffic stop by Wareham police on a vehicle without an inspection sticker last night led to the arrest of a man on multiple drug distribution charges. Matthew Cole, 25, of Wareham, faces several charges after police say they found, 8 grams of cocaine and crack cocaine, marijuana, 375 ml?s of morphine liquid? .
Stat of the Week: 36% of Americans support the Trump Wall »

If you look around, critics of Donald Trump?s proposed wall can be found aplenty?including Mexico?s former president Vicente Fox, who on Wednesday called the proposed meeting between Trump and Mexican leaders a ?political stunt? and blasted current Mexican leader Peña Nieto for agreeing to it.
Barnstable Today 08 31 2016 »

Barnstable Today 08 31 2016
Reader panel column: ?Deadline is our enemy? »

?Deadline is our enemy.?These were the words of Bill Higgins, the sports editor of the Cape Cod Times, and they ring true for everyone who works at a newspaper, and most of all the folks who work in sports. Higgins was speaking with the newspaper’s Reader Panel about the work of the sports department and, not surprisingly, much of the discussion focused on deadline.Every journalist is on the clock the minute they start their shift. And in sports, that pressure is [...]
Wareham man charged with trafficking morphine, distributing cocaine »

Police arrested a 25-year-old Wareham man on charges of morphine trafficking and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute after stopping a car in Swifts Beach on Tuesday evening. At approximately 6:30 p.m., Det. Sgt. Michael Smith pulled over a car lacking an inspection sticker after the vehicle?s operator started to drive away upon noticing the police cruiser. Following a search, Smith discovered a bag ...
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